The Barn Cabins & Camp

Gift Voucher NFT

Gift Vouchers on the blockchain

We have put some gift vouchers online

We have two different gift vouchers available. Each token represents one nights stay. There is a token for the Glamping and another one for the self contained house. 

Once you have purchased one of these free night(s) stay, you can transfer them for free to who ever you would like to gift them to. The NFT will then live in their digital wallet until they are ready to use it.

You will need to book direct in order to make a booking, rather than an OTA. We recommend booking through our website on the “Book Here” button in the top right corner. 

An Easy Starters Guide to Getting Set up to buy an NFT

If this is the first time you have used the block chain the you will have to go through a few steps to get going. There are a few new words to pick up and some new concepts to learn, so we simplified it as much as we can. Take a read here to get set up to get your make your first NFT purchase