Hire Camping Gear in The Abel Tasman

Explore the best campsites in the Abel Tasman

Hire Camping gear in the Abel Tasman

Beachfront camping in the Abel Tasman is one of those memories that will stick with you for life. Waking up next to the ocean lapping  against the shore. This is what we are all about. As such we stock an essential range of equipment for you to create those moments for yourself. Being based at the very start of The Abel Tasman Track, we are the perfect place to hire your gear from. Check it out below!

ps We have only just put this page together and will get some photos up soon. Let us know anything else you would like us to stock and we will make it happen.

Gear List

Sleeping Bags

$15 for the first night then an additional $5 each night.Each sleeping bag is washed before your use, so you will have a clean place to rest you head


$15 for the first night then an additional $5 each night. These are two person tents and easy to set up.


$3 a night for a camp set of camping cutlery and compact camping pot, pan combo.

Sleeping Rolls

$3 a night for our standard sleeping rolls. A lot easier to set up than a tent!


$3 a night for a camp cooker (buy the gas canister seperate – we sell here). Simply screw the cooker regulator into the top of a camp gas canister. When your out in the bush, a hot cup of tea or coffee will be magical.

Please get in contact with us if you have any questions. We currently operate with a first come first serve policy and bookings made on arrival.