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Best Abel Tasman Camp Sites

Your Guide to Abel Tasman Camping

Abel Tasman Campsites

The Abel Tasman is covered in beaches and campsites. So what is best for you?

There are Main Campsite areas that have flushing toilets, drinking water and evenly spaced for you to use these to complete the Abel Tasman in 4 nights.

If you want to Kayak some sections, or do the track faster, or even slower then there are some absolutely amazing Secondary Campsites you can stay at. They are more private with less services available, but create those true memories that will stick a life time.

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The Main Campsites

These are the largest sites with drinking water and flushing toliets. 

Marahau and the barn at the start of the abel tasman


As far as the road will take you. Marahau is the small village where you can stay at The Barn, organise transport, hire camping gear, go to the resturants, have a bath and unwind.

Abel Tasman shor tfrom above


First stop after departing Marahau. It is 12.5km into the Park. There is also the Pitt Head Loop to check out.

Bark Bay Abel Tasman National Park new Zealand

Bark Bay

A cool bay to spend the night. The campsite is on the forward sand spit, so you will have ocean on three sides on a high tide. The hut is set at the back of the Estuary, 5 min walk away. 12km North of Anchorage

Awaroa Inlet


Set back from the Main beach, The campsite and hut is right beside the start of the Awaroa inlet, so you can get your timing spot on for the crossing. Make sure to check the tide times. Awaroa is 13km North of Bark bay.

totaranui beach abel tasman nation park the barn cabins and camp


Camping basically right on the beach this massive campground is a kiwi tradition, especially the South Island. One of the best and usually an ending point for the hike. You can do the Gibbs Hill Track as well from here, with some good secondary campsite along the way. From here, the best way to end / or start the track is to get a Water Taxi back to Marahau. Totaranui is just 7km from Awaroa.

Secondary Campsites

These campsites are more low key, but thats what we like about them. The average distance between the main campsites is ~12km. It’s not a big distance, so if you want to do the Abel Tasman a bit faster, or kayak some sections, then check these ones out. They are laid out South to North.

Apple tree Bay Abel Tasman trips

Apple Tree

One of the first campsite in the Abel Tasman, this is just 3km hike in from Marahau heading North and the first beach in the Astrolab

The Barn Anchorage, te puke tea abel tasman

Tepukatea Bay

Severally underrated. This little bay is just another 20 mins hike past the Anchorage campground. Lovely for beach front campground looking into the rising sun and all too tempting for a swim. Do it.

mosquito Bay abel tasman trips

Mosquito Bay

The great secert. Orginally called paradise bay, it had to be renamed to keep the crowds away. Whats more, they never hooked this onto the walking track. Therefore you must kayak a section to stay here. 

If this even slightly interests you, then you must do it. Just get in touch with us on how to make it happen. It is awesome.


Along the main trail, but with a tiny campsite, and arguably one of the best beaches in the Abel Tasman. Onetahuti is a special place being inside the Marine Reserve and a great place for a swim!

Anapia Bay abel tasman trips

Anapai Bay

Alternative to Totaranui and handy if you want to do the gibs hill track but tidal crossing times at Awaroa and interupting plans. A great spot for sure.

What are the best places you can get to only by Kayak or Private Boat?

Our favourites include Adele Island, Fisherman’s Island, Frenchman’s Bay, Sandfly Bay, Shag Harbor and mucking round on in the Awaroa inlet on high tide. 

Fishermans Island abel tasman trips
Frenchmans Bay Abel Tasman walk Bark Bay to Anchorage

Make a Booking

Doc Sites

The best place to book any of these campsites is through the DOC Website. 

Water taxi

Really make the most of doing a trip to the Abel Tasman. These are our favourite options where you will really explore the depths of the Abel Tasman.

These more nimble options can provide a good choice to pick your experience of the Abel Tasman.

We have condensed the huge amount of options into our favourites. Click the link below to see our preferred Day Trips

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