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One Night Trips

Kayak. Camp. Hike. Sail. Canyon. Swim. Adventure.

Immerse yourself in the Abel Tasman with an overnight experience.

Short Overnight Trips in the Abel Tasman

There is a big range of One Night Trips that you can do. We thought we might make it easy for you and boil it down to a few of our favourites depending on what level of adventure you want to go on.

In each trip we have captured some of the core elements to an Abel Tasman experience that we all know and love, while providing the variations to excite everyone! The Tri

Where to Start?

We are base at The Start of the Abel tasman In Marahau, and so all the trips are designed for an early start so you get the most of your time in The Park

One Night Trips

Addons to Any Trip:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We can have all your meal requirements ready for you when you arrive at The Barn so you are ready to go.

Hire out some Camping Gear

We also have a range of camping gear at the very start of the Abel Tasman for gear rentals

Make your Own Trip

If you are keen to put together your own trip, then feel free to check out some of our DIY info on the Abel Tasman. Here is a quick start guide to planning an Abel Tasman Trip yourself. This one is for general advice on camping in the Abel Tasman. 

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like us to help book an awesome Abel Tasman Experience. We can fully book and organise day trip and over night trips in the Abel Tasman.

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