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On Site Massage

Get A Real Treat For A Real Holiday In The Abel Tasman

Look After Your Health

Simply relax, indulge and unwind while your On-Site Massage therapist eases away the stress, anxiety, tension and pain. Massage is an excellent way to enhance circulation and nutrient supply to the body whilst reducing muscular tension ad pain, enhancing immunity, and calming the nervous system. 

Recover and Treat Yourself

The Ultimate treat after an adventure in The Abel Tasman. Refresh the body so you are feeling relaxed after getting home from your break away.

You can book ahead of time, or try your luck to get a spot upon checkin

Massage is beneficial for:

Massage in the Abel tasman at the Bar

Massage Styles to Choose From

A mix of relaxation and deeper techniques that are excellent for relieving chronic or acute tension and pain. This massage style is also great for those wanting to improve joint health and range of motion.


A gentle soothing massage style that releases stress, anxiety, muscular tension and pain. Perfect for young and old, especially those new to massage.

A firmer technique that focusses on deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. Is suited to those with acute and chronic pain who are seeking relief and resolution of old or new injuries.


Performed while the client is clothed, MLD is a delightfully gentle and soothing technique that is designed to increase the flow of lymphatic fluid and the immune cells it contains. Thus MLD is excellent for supporting immunity and aiding drainage of inflammatory substances and fluid retention. Great for clients who are detoxing and in need of ‘internal cleansing’, post-operatively to enhance the healing process and for those who are prone to excess fluid accumulation that leads to swelling and oedema.

The very gentle nature of this massage style also reduces  nervous system over-activity resulting in a deep state of relaxation and stress relief.

The Nest, Glamping tent

Try the Glamping Experiance

Coming back in November 2021, The Nest is better than ever. Whats more, we are establishing two new styles, the Family Glamping and the Star Gazer

Your stay in the Glamping experience will help support our tree project – NZ Nurseries and the projects they support.

The Barn ocean view glamping at the nest

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We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like us to help book an awesome Abel Tasman Experience. We can fully book and organise day trip and over night trips in the Abel Tasman.

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