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Getting To Abel Tasman

A Few Tips On Transport To The Barn

Where is the start of The Abel Tasman

The main entrance is Marahau, which at the Southern end of The Park about 30mins drive from Motueka. where most of the operations are that can drop you into different locations in the Park. Otherwise you can walk in from the Northern Wainui end. 

The Barn is located 100m from the Start of the Park. Our Address is 14 Harvey, Marahau, 7197


If you are in the South Island and have your own car or van, this may be as fun as the classic Kiwi road trip. We are located at 14 Harvey Road, Marahau and the start of the Walking track is just 100m down the road. We do have onsite parking available for people in the park.


how to get to the barn abel tasman


The Ferry trip is always a special one. Cruising  through the Marlborough sounds is always a magical experience. It is always worth booking ahead for Ferry’s even in the off season as the number of departures can decrease and if there is poor weather, then canceled departures can have a large flow on effect in the following departures. This applies to both Inter Islander and Bluebridge.

However, if you’re not driving, then that is where is gets a bit more complicated recently.



If you are flying in, Nelson has a great regional airport. The amount of connections are growing and is now a great experience. From here you are still a 1 Hour drive from The Start of the Abel Tasman.

How To Get To The Abel Tasman

You can either drive yourself, bus or fly into Nelson. From the Airport you can rent a car, get a bus, taxi or get a shuttle. 

The Better Bus - Tasman Buses

The Better Bus is our favourite way of getting round Tasman. Daily departures from Nelson out to Marahau and Back out to Nelson again at the end of the day.

 They will be able to drop you at the DOC Car Park at the start of the track, which is 150m from The Barn Cabins & Camp.

Airport Bus

The Buses are back!

 You may be able to get from the Airport to Motueka with Better Bus or Golden Bay Coach Lines. They will be able to drop you at the DOC Car Park at the start of the track, which is 150m from The Barn.


We think private shuttles may be the best option, particularly in the off-season. There is a range of transport options that will be able to get you from Nelson Airport to the start of the Abel Tasman Track where we are based. Our favorite operators are Trek Express,  Golden Bay Shuttles or Scrambled Legs

These guys can also transport to places around the province as well.

Car Rental

There are a couple good car rental car operators out of Nelson Airport. Our favourite for this option is Omega Rentals.

So where do I need to go?

From Motueka, continue heading North and follow the signs over the hill to Marahau. We are at the Northern end of Marahau next to the Start of the Abel Tasman Track, The Park Cafe and the Doc Car Park.

Abel Tasman National Park

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We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like us to help book an awesome Abel Tasman Experience. We can fully book and organise day trip and over night trips in the Abel Tasman.

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