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Sponsoring and Celebrating the Variety of Talents in The Abel Tasman

The Barn Art Gallery

The Abel Tasman has been an inspiration too many over the generations. Here at The Barn we are happy to host those talents and aim to provide an environment to grow in the Art Gallery. 

As such, we provide residence positions to a selection of artists, and have begun building out the beginnings of a humble gallery for the world to engage with and support their work. It would be awesome if your could help support any of there artist endeavours as well!

We support local and international crafts from all over the world.

If you are working on something cool, and want to come join us for a period then please get in touch with your portfolio and a description of what you are trying to create.

Artist in Residence
Toby wanders the barn artist in residece abel tasman stichbird

The Artist in Residence Sponsorship

Being an artist is highly rewarding and fulfilling, however it is not always easy to find the time to dedicate yourself to a project. As such we provide a sponsorship to give people stress free time to get on top of a project. 

Three Weeks Accomodation for Free

If you are motivated and have a cool / interesting project you would like to complete, then we will provide Three weeks of accomodation for free and also promote your work to everyone else who is passing through.

We are very open minded to different types of projects so please send through your portfolio and a brief of what ever idea you are motivated to complete. 

In Residence

Currently Open to Applications

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This could be you!

Please feel free to send through your project.

Some Of Our Old Favourites

Work Currently For Sale If You like and Want To Support

Toby artist in residence Abel Tasman The Barn

Toby Carter

Jason artist

Jason Powell

Coel Anya

Coel Anya

Come Join us - Apply for the Sponsorship

We are always looking for someone to take the next sponsorships. If you think you have what it takes and have a genuine project you are trying to accomplish in any artist field, then please get in contact with us, even if you are not quite sure!

Make sure you attach a portfolio of your work, and an outline of what you want to achieve. 

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like us to help book an awesome Abel Tasman Experience. We can fully book and organise day trip and over night trips in the Abel Tasman.

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