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Acro / Flow / Stretch / Hatha at The Barn

Yoga Classes In The Abel Tasman

5 Sessions A Week For Summer 23/24

Yoga at The Barn is for all to come together to grow and learn together. 

It is $15-20 pp depending on the classes. 

We currently have 5 sessions a week, weather dependant.

Please bring your own matt, although we do have some spare!

You can just turn up at the time!

Jonelle - Hatha

Karima - Slow Flow

The Barn Yoga

I did my yoga training with an ayurvedic focus in New Zealand in 2022. Even before that, I practiced yoga for many years and love the inner balance that yoga can create.

For me, yoga is about being one with all of life, blurring boundaries and creating clarity. This means that every moment and every yoga practice has its very own magic. Pranayama, mantras and creative embodiment take up just as much space as mindful alignment in the asanas. 

In a holistic practice, I focus a lot on the fascial tissue and a sustainable, conscious approach to body, mind and soul.

With a mixture of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga(like a little dance) we dedicate each class to the 5 elements. The classes are varied and are aimed at anyone interested in a holistic and sustainable yoga practice. (Or to anyone looking for a nourishing balance after hiking or kayaking) 

Cece - Hatha

Yoga Classes at the Barn
Born in the wide open prairie of Midwest America, Cecelia followed her heart and her heritage back to Aotearoa 12 years ago. She has been living her best, most wildly aligned life in the peaceful valley of Marahau for the past 7 years.  
The wisdom of Yoga has been with Cecelia since childhood, yoga asana helped Cecelia manage stress and flow through many difficulties in her life. Study and practice of the spiritual teachings of Yoga including pranayama and meditation transformed her life to one of greater alignment and heart centered magic. 
Passionate about sharing Yoga with others, Cecelia is on a mission to help humanity to slow down and cultivate inner peace as an antidote to the stress and demands of modern life. Calling on the wisdom of the seasons, elements and greater cycles in her yoga practice, Cecelia believes in the power of yoga and nature connection to build resilience in all areas of life. 
Yoga Classes at the barn cabins and camp abel tasman
Yoga Classes at the Barn
Yoga Classes at the Barn
Yoga Classes at the Barn
Yoga Classes at the Barn
Yoga Classes at the Barn

Community & Projects at The Barn

The Garden Bed at the barn cabins and camp

Weed'n Feed

Good food is central to a happy and long life. What’s more, the process of raising and caring for it builds real appreciation and connection with itand the people around you. 

We have opened up our garden to you under the Weed’n Feed concept. We can show you where the garden is and feel free to take as much as you can eat in one sitting. While you are there, just help out with a bit of the wedding! Just make sure the chickens don’t get in!

Weednfeed at The Barn

The main focus is to regenerate in eco-sourced Native as much as possible.  

There are problems brewing for the next generation with permanent Pine forest being set up, and largely abandoned.

NZ nurseries tunnel house


We are raising eco sourced trees. Starting out small, we are contributing to some restoration projects including The Barn

NZ Nursereis Shade House

What's Going on at The Barn?

Co-working Space

A free space for guests to use to work and meet like minded people. Also available for meetings and private uses on request.

The Barn

Healthy and tasty food with the beef of our Farm and vegetables from our garden 

Native Trees

park cafe

Ecosourcing seeds and raising native

@ The Park Cafe

Open mic night in the Abel Tamsan at The Park Cafe

Ecosourcing seeds and raising native

Work with us

Help out with our projects, meet some new people, enjoy the Abel Tasman!

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like us to help book an awesome Abel Tasman Experience. We can fully book and organise day trip and over night trips in the Abel Tasman.

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