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The Marahau Shop

We have a range of supplies, alcohol and camping gear at the start of the Track.

Local Goods & General Supplies

Being based at The Barn, The Marahau Shop is located just 100m from the start of the Abel Tasman Track and provides food, supplies, camping supplies and camping equipment.

We stock a range of Local Products including Beef from our Farm, Chicken Eggs, vegetables from our garden and an assortment of products produced locally. We also stock yummy foods, drink, ice creams (including Ben & Jerry), some snacks, freeze dried camping goods and some other essentials foods for going into the park. 

If you are looking to Hire Camping Gear for trips in and around the Abel Tasman then we have a great selection! We also specialise in crafting awesome Experiences for you Abel Tasman that can be organised from the booking office. This includes Boat Transport in the Park, Sailing, Kayaking, Canyons and even Sky Dives Looking out over the Abel Tasman and Cook Straight.

The Cafe

We are proudly serving Espresso Coffee with locally roasted Tuatara Coffee Beans. The Fair Trade Organic beans are sourced from South America, Asia and Africa and bach roasted right here is Tasman. 

Donations from ever cup are given to support New Zealand’s dinosaur, the Tuatara. Donations are also made to the Westcoast Wild Life Trust and Nature land Trust in Nelson. 

This summer we will be serving fresh take away breakfast and lunch options the from the new deli. Great for a quick breakfast or take it into The Park with you for lunch.


espresso Coffee at the marahau store
sandwich display at the marahau shop the barn cabins and camp

Book in for Abel Tasman Trips

After a magical first night, come see us in the office to sort out the best day tailored for you. Some of the great options include organise kayaking, sailing, canyoning and boat transport for day walks. If you are looking for some inspiration for things to do in and around Tasman then definitely check out our Abel Tasman Trips. 

Perhaps you could try some of our highly recommended packages for longer trips into the park. This ranges from a single night out to the 4-day ultimate trip. We can also handle all “on the day” bookings for those just wanting to wing it on the weather. 

Frennchmans lagoon abel tasman trips the barn cabins and camping

Local Products from The Abel Tasman

The Barn Beef

Beef at The Barn Abel Tasman

Raised locally at The Barn, you can see for yourself the conditions these animals are raised in and the diet they have. If beef is in the diet, then feel free to ask at reception and check out the paddocks for yourself. 

NZ Nurseries

Trees growing at the Barn Cabins and camp

We are raising trees here at The Barn as NZ Nurseries in The Abel Tasman. We have a range of trees available from locally sourced trees specialising in Podocarp and Beach Forests. Great for trees and home or planting out blocks for native carbon sinking. 

The Art Gallery

coel Aya - The Barn artist - lady fish

The Art Gallery is a collection of local art works and people who have lived at The Barn. This awesome collection of work is varied and carries the individuals charter through. Styles include stickers, photography, music, tattoos. 

A Place to Unwind - Onsite Massage

No matter what your plans are out here, everyone deserves a bit of pampering. If this sounds like you, then a massage will top your trip off.

Craft Beer, Cider and Wine Selection

Unkel Wines

Unkel (variation of the spelling of Uncle), is about working with Mother Nature in the Vineyard to produce the best possible raw product, with the highest quality fruit that we can obtain from her.

Peckham's Cidery and Orchard

Our mission is to explore what cider can be. The possibilities are endless.

Richmond Plains

We believe in making great wines by working with nature in our vineyard environment. By using organic methods we can truly express the vineyard’s character or terroir in the wines.


Townshend Brewery sold at the barn abel tasman

Get the best ingredients, treat them with respect and you’ll produce a great product. Martin personally brews all Townshend beer and is a strong advocate of natural brewing processes, “We brew the way people have done for centuries, and our brews have the depth of flavour that comes from small batch fermentation.”

These are some of our favourite selection. We have more in store! For more information get in contact with us!

Helpful Things At The Barn

A few things that we offer to help make your experience away go as smooth as possible.

Gear Hire

Camping Gear -abel tasman trips

We hire out a range of camping gear for anyone doing the Abel Tasman Track.

Bag Storage

When you Book to stay at The Barn, we have FREE Bag storage available. BYO lock, or buy one at our shop. First come first serve.

Car Parking

Car park - The Barn - Abel Tasman Trips

The Barn has on site car parking for $5 a night. We are just a 100m from the start of the Abel Tasman Track. Can be arranged on the day.

Yoga Class

Yoga at the barn, great after an abel tasman trip

Stretch those limbs out and re-center yourself. Expected yoga classes to begin in November. TBC. First Come First Serve.


Masseuse at the Barn great after an abel tasman trip

After a big trip into The Park, unwind to a relaxing on-site massage at The Barn

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like us to help book an awesome Abel Tasman Experience. We can fully book and organise day trip and over night trips in the Abel Tasman.

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