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Takaka Hill - fim being majestic

Takaka Hill Walk

A few quick points to the Takaka Hill walk to get you started:

Takaka Hill Flowers
  • 35 min drive from The Barn, Marahau.
  • Park at: Takaka Hill Walkway Carpark.
  • Length: 3km half loop (1-2h) 5.1 km full loop (2-3h)
  • Level: Easy. It’s a short walk. I’d recommend sturdy shoes and trousers that’ll protect your legs from the gorse.

I did the walk in late August and besides the amazing view and magical forest, I was lucky to see heaps and heaps of gorse in full bloom! It looked and smelled amazing! (Did you know gorse smells like coconut?) The track is clearly marked and leads through a beech forest and fascinating marble rock formations that look to have a texture like an elephant’s skin. There are 2 amazing lookout points (great places for lunch) where you can gaze upon the Kahurangi National Park and Takaka Valley. At the highest lookout point, you can even see Tasman bay! 

Takaka hill view Abel Tasman trips

Tip: There are no toilets or drinking water sources at the carpark or on the track. Make sure to go for a quick toilet stop at Hawkes Lookout Walk Carpark before you start.

Tip 2: Stay on the path, there are tricky sinkholes in this area.