Abel Tasman Trips - porters beach

Porters Beach

Abel Tasman Trips tips:

  • Just a 5-10 min walk from The Barn
  • Make sure you bring your togs at high tide
  • Photographers playground
  • Always a good one for snacks and refreshments
  • The car park at the Doc Carpark, or just leave the car at The Barn.
Abel Tasman Trips - porters beach

Porters beach is the unsung hero of the Abel Tasman. The Marahau Boardwalk provides a classic start to the 10 min expedition. The Boardwalk will take you into the forest where you follow the meandering track for the final five minutes to Porters Beach.

It’s amazing how private this beach usually is. A far cry from most of the overcrowded beaches in the area. The beach bends and twists around on itself so there are lots of different areas to explore. Being a big kid at heart, there is a lot of cool places to play in the sand, build forts and play in the creeks. When the tide is in, you can get a quick dip in.

Mid Tide is great for exploring as the water levels recede. There are lots of different areas to the beach so you can find your own little private spot to watch the landscape change before you.

One of our favorites at low tide is writing messages in stones under the Boardwalk. Then come back at High Tide to look down at your message through the water! Marahau is also known as one of the pipi capitals of the world. It is also one of the world’s best keep secrets. You’ll have to ask in person for some more pointers. If the tide is in, and you are desperate for some Kai, then you could try your hand at floundering.

It’s easy to see why a whole day can slip away exploring around here. So if by some chance it is dark upon your return to Marahau, you may be lucky enough to see a few glow worms dangling their lure in the forest between Porters beach and the boardwalk.

For those who are completing the Anchorage to Marahau section, this is the last beach before reaching Marahau. Some people will even just do the beach crossing on the low tide for a nice way to end a trip into the Abel Tasman. Don’t forget the pizza and Beers at the Park Cafe to finish!

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