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Cleopatras Pools

Quick Tips:

  • Located between Anchorage and Torrent up the Torrent River
  • Bring a Picnic
  • Bring some togs
  • Explore the beach on the way
  • 10 min detour from main track
  • Natural river rock slide!
  • We give it an 8 out of 8

Cleopatras pools is a cool series of rock pools towards the end of the Torrent River. I remember going here as a child, and thinking that I had found some sort of secret Nirvana.

Access to this is via the High tide route on the Torrent to Anchorage section of The Abel Tasman.

The high tide route in this section is a nice detour around Torrent Bay (check the tide for your trip here). Since you are heading up the torrent River, keep an eye out for the bridge to cross the river and the detour is just beside it. I always like tracks the head along river banks and as such just rate the 10 min walk up to the pools. You’ll notice the track ends at the river! Don’t worry, you have just arrived at the start of Cleopatras Pools. Navigate through the creeks and stream and with a little boulder hopping you’ll be at the first pools, with the natural rock slide! This is an absolute must-do, and a great spot for a picnic!

Further up the river….

For those that are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can continue to climb the rocks further up the river as more pools and ledges will reveal themselves for more baths and jumps. If the thought of this has started you salivating then it may be worth getting in touch with us to organise a proper days canyoning experience. Otherwise, enjoy the next few series of pools (with a little more privacy). These additional pools are challenging to get to so only attempt at your own risk. Be very careful as you are in the middle of a national park.

On the way back out to Anchorage, we recommend staying on the coast track as it splits off into town. If it is low tide then it can be quite fun to walk along the tidal inlet sands. Just follow the beach to the far corner and there is just a 5min track over the ridgeline to drop into Anchorage.

This is a great add-on if you are doing the Bark Bay to Anchorage leg.

Book in a boat to get there

We would recommend Marahau to Torrent to visit Cleopatras Pools

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