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Anchorage Bay view by abel tasman trips from the barn

Anchorage to Marahau Walk

Quick Tips

Seal pups in The Abel Tasman trips The Barn

Start Point:           Do the walk Anchorage to Marahau, not Marahau to Anchorage.

Distance:              12.4km

Estimated Time:  3 – 4 hours with no addons, or stops.

Supplies:               At least 2 liters water capacity and snacks!

Equipment:           Sturdy footwear

Level:                     Easy. 15 min hill climb out of Anchorage, then holds a level contour with separate beach access tracks

Rating:                   We give this a four out of six Wekas.

The First Section of the Abel Tasman

This is the first section of The Abel Tasman. However, we like to do things slightly differently and strongly recommend doing the Anchorage Hike starting from Anchorage.

The Boat trip is awesome and will take you to Split Apple Rock for a quick history lesson and a photo, before cruising along the Astrolabe Coastline checking out all the beaches from the water. As Adele Island approaches it’s time to try and find a few fat sleepy seals along the North Coast of Adele Island. This is a great spot for seals to sunbathe after fishing in the currents around the Island.

The boat will then make its first stop in Anchorage where you will be dropped off in front of the Anchorage Hutt and Campsite. You may potentially get your feet wet getting off the boat at this point. We recommend wearing Jandals up to this point so you can keep your boots/shoes dry. There is a tap at the Anchorage Campsite to wash the sand off your feet before getting your boots on. This tap is also drinking water and The Anchorage Campground is the last flushing loo before Marahau.

Anchorage Bay view by abel tasman trips from the barn

On Arrival to Anchorage Beach

You are now faced with the ultimate decision.

  1. Go for a swim, play frisbee or skim ball before having lunch on the beach.
  2. Check out the Addon of the Pit Head Point (1hr).
  3. Detour out to Cleopatures Pools (1hr)
  4. Begin the track to Marahau

The Track begins 200m to the North of the Anchorage Hut. Once you are linked onto the track it is very clearly signposted back to Marahau with some generous DOC walking times for the more causal walkers amongst us.

The initial hill climb out of Anchorage can be slightly testing for 10-15 mins but gives way to some spectacular views back down the Anchorage valley and then across to the Astrolabe lookouts!

From here the Track holds a pretty level contour and you can drop down some of the classic Astrolabe Beaches (but not all of them). A childhood favorite is Watercove with its stream on the Northern end of the beach. The Northern Akersten Bay point can be quite fun and Apple Tree bay is a classic. For those after a shot of the infamous Marahau Tree, just drop into Tinline Bay, find the caves then emerge out in sight of the tree. Just make sure you check the tides for this one!

Park cafe Pizza by the barn cabins and camping

Home Stretch

With Marahau in distance, you can almost feel the hot showers and comfy beds at The Barn Cabins and Camping. Be quick though because the beers and pizza at Park Café are the ultimate reward and unwind from a great day of adventuring.

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