The Marahau Shop & Booking Office

Abel Tasman Booking Agent with a range of supplies, alcohol, camping gear at the start of the Track.

The Marahau Shop and Booking Office is located just a 100m from the start of the Abel Tasman. We stock a range of yummy foods, drink, ice creams (including Ben & jerry), some snacks and some essentials foods for going into the park. 

If you are looking to Hire Camping Gear for trips in and around the Abel Tasman then we have a great selection! We also specialise in crafting awesome Experiences for you Abel Tasman that can be organised from the booking office. This includes sailing, kayaking boat trips, canyons and even sky dives.

espresso Coffee at the marahau store

Unkel (variation of the spelling of Uncle), is about working with Mother Nature in the Vineyard to produce the best possible raw product, with the highest quality fruit that we can obtain from her.

Once in the winery rather than being that hands-on, overbearing, parent or father figure. You can think of us more like that cruisy, fun, slightly wild Uncle in your life.

We believe in making great wines by working with nature in our vineyard environment. By using organic methods we can truly express the vineyard’s character or terroir in the wines.

Our philosophy is simple; Get the best ingredients, treat them with respect and you’ll produce a great product. Martin personally brews all Townshend beer and is a strong advocate of natural brewing processes, “We brew the way people have done for centuries, and our brews have the depth of flavour that comes from small batch fermentation.”

Our mission is to explore what cider can be. The possibilities are endless.

These are some of our favourite selection. We have more in store! For more information get in contact with us!

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like us to help book an awesome Abel Tasman Experience. We can fully book and organise day trip and over night trips in the Abel Tasman.

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